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Nouveaux produits:

Terraforming Mars: Ares Expedition

Terraforming Mars: Ares Expedition$54 taxes incluses (réservez votre copie !)

1-4 players: Terraforming Mars: Ares Expedition is an engine-building game in which players control interplanetary corporations with the goal of making Mars habitable (and profitable).

The Red Cathedral

The Red Cathedral$38 taxes incluses (réservez votre copie !)

1-4 players: The Red Cathedral is a strategic, “Euro” board game in which the players take the roles of construction teams. Their job is to work together to put up St. Basil’s cathedral in Moscow, as ordered by Ivan the Terrible. However, only one of them will be able to gain the favor of the Tsar. … … [Voir les détails]

Red Rising

Red Rising$43 taxes incluses (réservez votre copie !)

1-6 players: Enter the futuristic universe of Red Rising, based on the book series by Pierce Brown featuring a dystopian society divided into fourteen castes. You represent a house attempting to rise to power as you piece together an assortment of followers (represented by your hand of cards). Will you break the chains of the Society … … [Voir les détails]

Crisis Deluxe Edition

Crisis Deluxe Edition$69 taxes incluses

1-5 players: Axia — a land with a glorious past, a most uncertain present, and an even more unpredictable future. Populated by what has been described as a fervent and warm-blooded people, Axia is in crisis – economic, social, and political: the longest-running recession in its modern history, the highest inequality in years, and a … … [Voir les détails]

Overboss: A Boss Monster Adventure

Overboss: A Boss Monster Adventure$48 taxes incluses

1-5 players: In Overboss, rival Boss Monsters emerge from their dungeons to conquer the Overworld. Each turn, players draft and place terrain tiles and monster tokens. Their goal: to craft the map with the greatest Power and become the ultimate Overboss! Designed by Aaron Mesburne and Kevin Russ (Calico), this fast-paced game combines drafting, set collection, … … [Voir les détails]

Maglev Metro

Maglev Metro$75 taxes incluses (demandez la dispo de cet item avant de payer)

1-4 players: In Maglev Metro, utilize state-of-the-art magnetic levitation technology to build a metropolitan rail system, transporting workers and robots beneath the city. Replace aging Manhattan and Berlin subway systems with newer, faster, quieter technology. Enhance your rail system’s abilities so that your passengers arrive at their destinations first. Efficiency is your key to success in … … [Voir les détails]

Wildlands: The Ancients

Wildlands: The Ancients$77 taxes incluses

1-6 players: Wildlands: The Ancients is a big box expansion for Wildlands, bringing solo and cooperative play to the critically-acclaimed game, alongside support for 5-6 players. The Ancients, age-old guardians of the arcane crystals, have long slumbered in their secret vaults. Rumored to be invincible sentinels, they have defended their crystals unchallenged for eons. With the fall … … [Voir les détails]

War Chest: Siege

War Chest: Siege$26 taxes incluses

Not all battles are fought on the open field. In many cases defenders hide behind the thick walls of mighty castles. Now is the time to prepare for Siege! As castles grew larger and stronger throughout the middle ages, new ways evolved to scale, knock down, and even undermine their walls. In War Chest: Siege, you … … [Voir les détails]

Sleeping Gods

Sleeping Gods$93 taxes incluses (réservez votre copie !)

1-4 players: “Are the stars unfamiliar here?” she asked, and the sky grew suddenly dark, the star’s patterns alien and exotic. “This is the Wandering Sea. The gods have brought you here, and you must wake them if you wish to return home.” In Sleeping Gods, you and up to 3 friends become Captain Sofi Odessa … … [Voir les détails]

Sleeping Gods: Tides of Ruin

Sleeping Gods: Tides of Ruin$48 taxes incluses

The Wandering Sea is vast, filled with hidden treasures and lost totems. To the far south lies Zokmere, the sanctuary city, where hundreds of splintered houses cling to the jungle hills in a turquoise bay. In the northeast, the gods hide the remains of a sprawling city, and the history of their malice. Ready your … … [Voir les détails]

Sleeping Gods: Dungeons

Sleeping Gods: Dungeons$17 taxes incluses

Sleeping Gods: Dungeons adds six dungeons to Sleeping Gods. Each dungeon includes a map and stories. In a dungeon, gameplay will be slightly altered from the regular game. Each map is printed on thick card stock (Letter-sized, 8.5×11 inches). A separate dungeon booklet contains all of the descriptions, encounters, and puzzles that you’ll experience as you explore. … … [Voir les détails]

A War of Whispers

A War of Whispers$49 taxes incluses

2-4 players: A War of Whispers is a competitive board game for 2 to 4 players. Five mighty empires are at war for the world, but you are no mighty ruler. Instead, you play a secret society that is betting on the results of this war while pulling strings to rig the results and ensure their … … [Voir les détails]

Anno 1800

Anno 1800$69 taxes incluses (réservez votre copie !)

2-4 players: In Anno 1800, a board game based on the popular PC game from Ubisoft, you continuously build up your own industry to develop your home island. Ship fleets allow for lively trade and the development of new islands in the Old and New World. You have to fulfill the wishes of your own population. … … [Voir les détails]

Bundle Trickerion (VF) ou extensions séparées

Bundle Trickerion (VF) ou extensions séparées$216 taxes incluses (réservex votre copie ! )

Bundle du jeu Trickerion incluant le jeu de base Trickerion: Légendes de l’Illusion et les extensions Dons de Dahlgaard, Aube de la Technologie et  Académie de Dahlgaard Dans trickerion, les joueurs incarnent des illusionnistes rivaux, chacun avec leurs propres forces et caractéristiques. ils se battent pour la fortune et la gloire dans un tournoi organisé … … [Voir les détails]

Les Aventuriers du Rail: Europe – 15e Anniversaire

Les Aventuriers du Rail: Europe – 15e Anniversaire$149 taxes incluses (réservez votre copie !)

2-5 joueurs: Les Aventuriers du Rail Europe vous emmènent dans une inoubliable aventure ferroviaire à la découverte de l’Europe de la Belle Époque. Serez-vous suffisamment audacieux pour voyager à travers les Alpes ou pour traverser l’arctique en ferry? Vos prochaines décisions pourraient faire de vous le plus grand magnat des transports en Europe! Préparez vos … … [Voir les détails]

Trickerion – Légende de l’Illusion (VF)

Trickerion – Légende de l’Illusion (VF)$90 taxes incluses (réservez vores copie !)

2-4 joueurs: Trickerion – Légende de l’Illusion est un jeu de stratégie compétitif se déroulant dans une ville inspirée par la vie et la culture urbaines de la fin du XIXe siècle. Les joueurs jouent le rôle d’illusionnistes rivaux, s’efforçant de devenir le magicien le plus célèbre de la ville.L’enjeu est bien plus grand que … … [Voir les détails]

Dice Throne: Season One ReRolled (combo x4 ou séparés)

Dice Throne: Season One ReRolled (combo x4 ou séparés)$109 taxes incluses

Dice Throne is a game of intriguing dice, tactical card play, powerful heroes, and unique abilities. Attack opponents and activate abilities by rolling your hero’s unique set of five dice. Accumulate combat points and spend them on cards that have a large range of effects, such as granting permanent hero upgrades, applying status effects, and … … [Voir les détails]

Hoplomachus: Origins

Hoplomachus: Origins$34 taxes incluses (Super spécial ! reg $69 - QT limitée)

1-2 players: Hoplomachus: Origins takes you back to where the story begins, within the small battle arenas of 3 unique civilizations. You will represent one of the warrior houses found in these cities and will be battling for the right to represent your entire civilization in Rome. Quick fights, 3 exotic arenas, and competitive drafting of … … [Voir les détails]

Le Trône de Fer, le Jeu de Plateau, 2nde Edition

Le Trône de Fer, le Jeu de Plateau, 2nde Edition$49 taxes incluses (super spécial ! reg $86 - QT limitée)

Le Trône de Fer est un jeu de plateau et de stratégie qui vous plonge dans le conflit qui oppose les grandes maisons de Westeros dans leur conquête du pouvoir. Le roi Robert Baratheon est mort, et les sept couronnes gouvernant les terres de Westeros se préparent à la guerre. Les armées s’assemblent et les corbeaux volent, … … [Voir les détails]

Parks: Nightfall (VF)

Parks: Nightfall (VF)$44 taxes incluses (réservez votre copie !)

L’extension Nightfall pour le jeu Parks vous propose de nouvelles cartes parcs contenant des actions inédites, des cartes Année avec plus de missions à accomplir et des façons originales d’explorer le parcours grâce aux campings. Vous rencontrerez sûrement d’autres Animaux Sauvages, c’est pourquoi il y a de nouveaux jetons inclus. Enfin, les nouvelles cartes parcs vous permettront … … [Voir les détails]