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Résultats de la recherche: Jeux

Descent: Légendes des ténèbres (VF)

Descent: Légendes des ténèbres (VF)$209 taxes incluses (réservez votre copie !)

1-4 joueurs: Pendant des années, vos voyages vous ont mené à travers le royaume fantastique de Terrinoth, vous aventurant dans des forêts sombres, des villes obscures, des cryptes anciennes et des marais brumeux… mais votre véritable voyage légendaire ne fait que commencer…Forgez votre propre légende avec vos amis en vous aventurant à travers le royaume … … [Voir les détails]

Shadow Kingdoms of Valeria

Shadow Kingdoms of Valeria$59 taxes incluses

1-5 players: For years the humans, elves, and dwarves have been slowly encroaching on your territories and slaying your kind in the name of progress. They’ve built their citadels, keeps, and villages as they push you further into the darkness. Now is the time to rally your troops and lay waste to their kind and … … [Voir les détails]


Root$69 taxes incluses

2-4 players: Root is a game of adventure and war in which 2 to 4 (6 with the ‘Riverfolk’ expansion) players battle for control of a vast wilderness. The nefarious Marquise de Cat has seized the great woodland, intent on harvesting its riches. Under her rule, the many creatures of the forest have banded together. This … … [Voir les détails]


K2$59 taxes incluses

1-5 players: K2 is the second-highest mountain on Earth as well as the second deadliest. It’s known as the Savage Mountain, as it kills one person for every four who have reached the summit… Now your team stands in its shadow, ready to climb for fame and glory. You know the dangers of K2 all too … … [Voir les détails]

My City

My City$38 taxes incluses

2-4 players: My City is a competitive legacy game in which you develop a city on your own playing board through the ages. The game consists of 24 episodes, beginning with the development of a city in its early preindustrial stages and progressing through industrialization. During each game, players customize their experience by adding elements to … … [Voir les détails]

Descent: Legends of the Dark

Descent: Legends of the Dark$209 taxes incluses (dispo 6 aout !)

1-4 players: Terrinoth is in peril. The demon-tainted Uthuk Y’llan barbarians stalk the realm and the undead servants of Waiqar the Undying venture beyond their borders for the first time in memory. The leaders of Terrinoth are divided and fractious, unable to unite against these common threats. And in the northern barony of Forthyn, the … … [Voir les détails]

Coffee Traders (Version Deluxe)

Coffee Traders (Version Deluxe)$139 taxes incluses

2-5 players: Thousands of coffee farmers all over the world support their families by using small stretches of hillside land for their coffee plantations. Farmers work day in and day out for very little, but the future of coffee farming is bright. Fair Trade organizations strive to improve living conditions for these farmers by helping … … [Voir les détails]

The Crew (VF)

The Crew (VF)$25 taxes incluses

Embarquez pour l’espace ! Les scientifiques semblent avoir détecté une mystérieuse planète aux confins de notre système solaire… Votre équipage parviendra-t-il à confirmer son existence ? Dans The Crew, les joueurs incarnent les membres d’un équipage spatial en voyage vers une mystérieuse planète. Mais le périple s’annonce épique, car il faudra accomplir 50 missions de … … [Voir les détails]

Dice Miner

Dice Miner$32 taxes incluses

1-4 players: The Dwarves once lived beneath three mighty mountains. After centuries of war they defeated their age-old enemies the Dragons. Moving to the surface, the Dwarves built magnificent cities and won renown for their heartening beer. But the Dragons have returned. Now, the Dwarves must remember their roots, clear old tunnels, and return to … … [Voir les détails]


Aquatica$49 taxes incluses

1-4 players: Aquatica is a deep, but easy to learn family engine builder about underwater kingdoms. In the game you will become one of the mighty ocean kings, struggling to bring glory to his realm. To win the game, you need to capture and buy locations, recruit new characters, and complete goals; each of these actions … … [Voir les détails]