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Terraforming Mars: Venus Next (VA) – $38 taxes incluses

Terraforming Mars: Venus Next (VA)
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Terraforming Mars: Venus Next is the second expansion to the mega popular Terraforming Mars. This expansion, which does require the core game, has players building flying cities and making the atmosphere more hospitable on the deadly planet Venus.

« After start of terraforming Mars World government sees next goal in colonisation of Venus. But that is much harder, maybe for millenias. »

Expansion includes 49 new projects, 5 corporations and Venus board.

Venus board is quite small with Venus status scale and four reserved places for cities (similar to Phobos). They are Maxwell base on Venus surface, Stratopolis high in its atmosphere, Luna metropolis on moon and Daybreak city on Mercury located on special rails.
There is fourth terraforming factor called « Venus status ». Going from 0% to 30% by step of 2%. Works similar like other factors (increasing TR etc.) Reaching 8% awards extra card, and 16% 1 extra TR. However maxing Venus status is not necessary for ending game.

There is new Venus tag.
Two new resources meterorites and floating platforms. Floating platforms can be stored on some cards like animals.
Symbol of wild card resource (=any) is on some cards.
Milestone King of floating platforms is for having 7 floating platforms.
Award Venus expert needs most Venus tags.

New 5. game phase – Solar phase:
After 4. phase – production.
If game do not ends now, make action of World government.
Because colonisation of Venus should not slow terraforming Mars, World government comes to help.
First player choose one of non-maxed factors and increases it by 1. It can be Venus status. But he does not get TR or any bonus. But it activate some cards like Arctic Algae.

Variant: You can exclude this rule for longer play.

Solo play is start on 14 TR and is again for 14 generation. You need max all 4 factors for success. But you get this World governement help 13x.

Détails supplémentaires: Version anglaise - Stronghold -

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