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Spirit Island: Jagged Earth – $64 taxes incluses (demandez la dispo de cet item avant de payer)Épuisé

Spirit Island: Jagged Earth
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New Spirits

I’ve seen two of the spirits: Finder of Paths Unseen and Many Minds Move As One.

Finder of Paths Unseen has a unique spirit panel and it really likes to move invaders around the island. It also has six starting powers.

Many Minds Move As One is a defensive-minded spirit. It likes to create and move beasts around, causing fear all across the island.

2 New Island Boards

These boards serve multiple purposes. They give you more options for setting up the game and they allow you to now play with five or six players. They are also going to include ways to do an archipelago setup, which will split the board into multiple islands.


These allow you to optionally start the game with different Special Rules and/or Innate Powers when playing with any of the four low-complexity spirits from the base game.

2 New Adversaries

There are also going to be rules for combining two Adversaries.

Badlands Tokens

These give the spirits new ways to fight the invaders.

30+ New Event Cards

Event cards were introduced in the Branch & Claw expansion. They add in some randomness to make the game a bit more unpredictable.

50+ New Major and Minor Power Cards

2 New Scenarios

6 New Fear Cards

6 New Blight Cards

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