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Blueprints (VA) second edition – $$39

Blueprints (VA) second edition
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2-4 players:

In the game, each player is an architect building from available materials according to a blueprint.

Each player takes a blueprint card. The players take turns choosing dice from a pool of building materials. They place the dice on their blueprint card to build that design. Alternatively, players can choose to build a design of their own. Used dice are replenished from the bag of dice.

Players who complete their design earn 6 bonus points. Every player then scores their building material dice.

  • Wood (Orange dice) score 2 points for every adjacent die face
  • Recycled Material (Green dice) score points depending on the number of green dice in the building
  • Stone (Black dice) score depending on their height in your structure
  • Glass (Clear dice) score their top face value, even if hidden by die on top of it.

The number of points determine awards cards (1st, 2nd, 3rd place worth 3, 2, and 1 victory points).

There are always one less stack of awards cards than the number of players. Thus, in a three player game there is only a 1st and 2nd place award available each round.

Design patterns earn players a prize (2 victory points). Available prizes are:

  • Skyscraper for a building 5 cubes or more high
  • Materials for 5 or more of the same material in the building
  • Structural Integrity for 4 or more dice having the same face value
  • Geometer for a building using all 6 different face values in the building

A player may earn more than one type of prize per round, for example the Geometer and Skyscraper prize. No more than one prize of each type can be earned by the players per round.

After completing a round, the points markers are reset to zero, each player receives a new blueprint card, and all the building materials are placed in the bag and the pool of building materials is re-established.

The game consists of three rounds. After the third round, players tally their awards and prizes to see who has the most victory points.

In the two player game, players draw two dice from the building material pool, using one, discarding the other, and replacing both from the bag of dice.


  • Four colors of dice: black, orange, green, and clear
  • Blueprint cards
  • Scoring Track and Scoring Markers
  • Award cards (1st, 2nd, 3rd place)
  • Prize cards (4 different award categories_
  • Building Screens

Détails supplémentaires: version multilingue - Z-man

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