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Codenames Duet

Codenames Duet$20 tx inc. (réservez votre copie!)

2-4 players: Codenames Duet keeps the basic elements of Codenames — give one-word clues to try to get someone to identify your agents among those on the table — but now you’re working together as a team to find all of your agents. (Why you don’t already know who your agents are is a question that Congressional investigators … … [Voir les détails]

El Dorado

El Dorado$38 tx inc (réservez votre copie !)

2-4 players: In El Dorado, players slip into the roles of expedition leaders who have embarked on a search for the legendary land of gold in the dense jungles of South America. Each player assembles and equips their own team, hiring various helpers from the scout to the scientist to the aborigine. All of them … … [Voir les détails]


Fourmidable$74 tx inc (spécial cueillette $69)

1-6 joueurs: L’hiver approche à grands pas et les reines tentent de s’établir dans la généreuse forêt. Dans Fourmidable, vous contrôlez une colonie de fourmis et vous devez l’aider à se préparer pour l’hiver. Suivez les directives du centre de commandes et accumulez les ressources dont votre colonie à besoin, tout en élargissant votre zone … … [Voir les détails]

Le Parrain : l’Empire de Corleone

Le Parrain : l’Empire de Corleone$130 tx inc spécial précommande (reg $143)

2-5 joueurs Dans Le Parrain : l’Empire de Corleone, les joueurs sont à la tête de familles qui cherchent à étendre leur emprise sur le New York des années 50. Envoyez le Don, le Consigliere, l’Héritier ou les Hommes de Main de votre famille racketter des affaires dans toute la ville afin d’amasser les biens … … [Voir les détails]

Letters from Whitechapel: Dear Boss

Letters from Whitechapel: Dear Boss$36 tx inc

The letter that begins with the famous expression « Dear Boss » was received on September 1888, Thursday the 27th, by the press agency Central News Agency of London, which delivered it to Scotland Yard two days later. It was written in red and contained many macabre details that they could not be ignored. It was signed: … … [Voir les détails]

Lisboa Deluxe Kickstarter Edition

Lisboa Deluxe Kickstarter Edition$139 tx inc (précommande qt limité)

KS Edition includes all Stretch Goals. 1-4 players: Lisboa is a game about the reconstruction of Lisboa after the great earthquake of 1755. On November 1, 1755, Lisbon suffered an earthquake of an estimated magnitude of 8.5–9.0, followed by a tsunami, and three days of fires. The city was almost totally destroyed. The Marquis of Pombal … … [Voir les détails]

Massive Dakness

Massive Dakness$119 tx inc (précommande)

1-6 players: Massive Darkness brings the classic fantasy RPG experience to modern board gaming, with an action-packed campaign chock full of gorgeous miniatures and a streamlined system that keeps the focus on the heroes’ actions, with no need for a game master to control the enemies. Using the popular Zombicide system as a starting point, … … [Voir les détails]

Rising Sun

Rising Sun$94 tx inc (réservez votre copie)

3-5 players: Rising Sun is a spiritual successor in the same mythic big box series as Blood Rage: same designer, same artist, same studio and same sculptors. Rising Sun is a game about honor, negotiation and warfare in a feudal Japan where the ancient gods (kami) have returned to rebuild the empire. Whereas the distant … … [Voir les détails]


Santorini$56 tx inc (demandez pour la dispo) Épuisé

2-4 players: Santorini is a non-abstract re-imagining of the 2004 edition. Since its original inception over 30 years ago, Santorini has been endlessly developed, enhanced and refined by mathematician and educator, Dr. Gordon Hamilton. Santorini is a highly accessible pure strategy game that is simple enough for an elementary school classroom. But with enough gameplay … … [Voir les détails]

Star Wars: Imperial Assault – Leia Organa Ally Pack

Star Wars: Imperial Assault – Leia Organa Ally Pack$13 tx inc (dispo 21 decembre)

  As a member of the Galactic Senate and part of Alderaan’s ruling family, Leia Organa has been a powerful political force in the galaxy. Now, the Leia Organa Ally Pack invites you to bring this Rebel diplomat to the front lines of combat. This figure pack lets you experience Leia Organa’s political clout on … … [Voir les détails]