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Robinson Crusoe: Adventures on the Cursed Island – Mystery Tales

Robinson Crusoe: Adventures on the Cursed Island – Mystery Tales$49 taxes incluses (réservez votre copie !

Robinson Crusoe: Mystery Tales is the second big expansion for Robinson Crusoe: Adventures on the Cursed Island. Unlike its predecessor, it not only includes a campaign (titled « The Lost City of Z ») in which you follow great explorer Lieutenant Colonel Percy Fawcett, but also a full set of rules and components that can be played with the … … [Voir les détails]

Dice Hospital (normale ou deluxe)

Dice Hospital (normale ou deluxe)$59 taxes incluses (ou $89 pour la deluxe edition)

In Dice Hospital, a worker placement game, players must treat as many patients as possible to appease the local authorities! Players use their hospital staff to treat patients on their personal hospital player boards. However, players may also call in specialist staff to react to certain situations that arise to score more points with the authorities! … … [Voir les détails]

War of the Ring (second edition)

War of the Ring (second edition)$99 taxes incluses (de retour !)

In War of the Ring, one player takes control of the Free Peoples (FP), the other player controls Shadow Armies (SA). Initially, the Free People Nations are reluctant to take arms against Sauron, so they must be attacked by Sauron or persuaded by Gandalf or other Companions, before they start to fight properly: this is represented … … [Voir les détails]

Dice Throne: Season Two – Cursed Pirate v. Artificier

Dice Throne: Season Two – Cursed Pirate v. Artificier$28 taxes incluses

Dice Throne is a game of intriguing dice, tactical card play, powerful heroes, and unique abilities. It’s a fast-paced 2-6 player combat game (1v1, 2v2, 3v3, 2v2v2, or free-for-all). Select from a variety of heroes that play and feel completely distinct from one another. Attack opponents and activate abilities by rolling your hero’s unique set … … [Voir les détails]

Fine Sand

Fine Sand$40 taxes incluses

1-4 players: You are at the beach during your vacation. Everything is peaceful and in harmony. Out of a pure love of life, you start to build a sand castle. Wait…what are your neighbors doing? Everywhere, sand castles rise up, but it was you who wanted to build the best, highest, biggest sand castle. Suddenly, … … [Voir les détails]

Nusfjord: Plaice Deck

Nusfjord: Plaice Deck$18.56 taxes incluses

Nusfjord: Plaice Deck contains 45 new cards for use with the Nusfjord base game. Also comes with metal coins, most useful to replace the coins from the first edition that were printed too small.


TAGS$36.15 taxes incluses

2-4 Joueurs (peut se jouer de 4 à 12 joueurs par équipe. ) Tags, c’est un plateau de jeu de 4 lignes et 5 colonnes. Au sommet de chaque colonne, on posera un Tag Thème, placé au hasard. En tête de chaque ligne, un Tag Lettre, pioché également aléatoirement. Sur chaque case de la grille … … [Voir les détails]

Chronicles of Crime

Chronicles of Crime$40 taxes incluses

Sans lunettes 3D mais vous pouvez prendre n’importe quelle lunettes 3D sur le marché comme les Google Cardboard. 1-4 players: Chronicles of Crime is cooperative game of crime investigation, mixing VR experience and board gaming. With the same physical components (board, locations, characters and items), players will be able to play plenty of different scenarii and … … [Voir les détails]

Keyforge: Architect’s Vault Two-Player Gamemat

Keyforge: Architect’s Vault Two-Player Gamemat$36.15 taxes incluses

Field your Archons’ spectacular clashes in style with the Architect’s Vault Two Player Gamemat for KeyForge: Call of the Archons! Whether you are participating in a high-caliber tournament or simply playing around the kitchen table, this high-quality playmat presents your cards in stunning fashion, featuring rich art from the expansive and enigmatic world of KeyForge. This 36”x26” mat provides … … [Voir les détails]

Res Arcana (VF ou VA)

Res Arcana (VF ou VA)$53.75 taxes incluses

2-4 joueurs: Reclus dans sa haute tour, un alchimiste prépare d’étranges décoctions. Au cœur d’une forêt sacrée, une druidesse broie des herbes pour son prochain rituel mystique. Dans les tréfonds silencieux des catacombes, une nécromancienne fait surgir du néant un dragon d’os. Bienvenue dans Res Arcana !Res Arcana invite 2 à 4 joueurs à choisir … … [Voir les détails]